If just the very thought of planning your wedding makes you want to break out the Tylenol due to a stress headache, then the Complete Wedding Navigation package is specifically for you!


let's conquer plans

If you're in the midst of planning and suddenly realize there is more to this "planning" thing than you realized... Look no further than the Foundational Wedding Navigation Package.


The game plan

You've done the planning and are ready to party! However, you know you can't do so if managing the logistics on the day-of. No matter how Type-A you are, Essential Wedding Navigation is a must-have!

wedding navigation

The main event

I understand that every wedding is unique to itself and sometimes prearranged packages aren't what you need. If that's case, let me know and I'll be more than happy to create a tailored package specifically based on your wedding planning needs.

Tailored wedding navigation package

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See all that Sailboat Weddings can do or add-on to your current wedding package!

Additional wedding + Event services

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